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Elizabeth Banker is an accomplished visionary artist with a unique style that blends traditional and contemporary techniques. Her work is characterized by intricate patterns, bold colors, and a deep understanding of symbolism.

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"Visionary art, in its communicative capacity, transmits consciousness on a level beyond ordinary thinking. By creating evocative landscapes of humanity, I become open to an infinitely reflective portal of creativity."

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The process of creating a painting involves guidance from the heart’s intuition about space and form. There is a divine radiance within humanity that is discovered and portrayed within each painting. I like to transcend the boundaries of the physical world by creating magical landscapes of imagery with mystical human and animal forms

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Workshops and Teaching

I am teaching a painting workshop in my private studio in South Austin, November 9 - 12. I am also co-facilitating a painting workshop at a Visionary Art Retreat in Mexico in January! Join us for a deep dive into our unique, authentic creative expression and learn new painting techniques with me.

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